Whirlpool Product recall.

As you may have seen in the press, Whirlpool are launching a product recall to address a potential fire safety risk concerning certain models of Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines. As this may affect your customers, this email provides important guidance for you and your colleagues.

Follow-up testing and analysis identified a potential fire safety risk with the door lock systems on certain models of washing machines manufactured under the Hotpoint and Indesit brands between October 2014 and February 2018.When the heating element in the washing machine is activated, in very rare cases a component in the door lock system can overheat, which, depending on product features, can pose a risk of fire. The issue relates to corrosion of certain materials in that door locking system, therefore machines that are more than two years old are at greater risk.

In the vast majority of cases, the product will fail safely, which is what it is designed to do in the event of an issue occurring. The user may note a burning smell or smoke, or that the door lock is not working correctly. In very rare cases, overheating can lead to a risk of fire, causing external damage to the appliance.

Whirlpool have set up a a dedicated website including an interactive model checker where customers can check if their appliance is affected by this recall and if so register their appliance and receive further information about what to do next.

Due to very high volumes of traffic this website is understandably struggling with the demand.

Whirlpool can also be reached on the following phone numbers.

The following models are affected:

Hotpoint FML742PUK
Hotpoint WMAOD743GUK
Hotpoint WMAOD743PUK
Hotpoint WMAQB721PUK.M
Hotpoint WMAQC641PUK.M
Hotpoint WMAQC741GUK
Hotpoint WMAQC741PUK
Hotpoint WMAQC741PUK.M
Hotpoint WMAQF621GUK
Hotpoint WMAQF621PUK
Hotpoint WMAQF641PUK.M
Hotpoint WMAQF721GUK
Hotpoint WMAQF721PUK.M
Hotpoint WMAQL621GUK
Hotpoint WMBF742GUK
Hotpoint WMBF742KUK
Hotpoint WMBF742PUK
Hotpoint WMBF742PUK.M
Hotpoint WMBF763PUK
Hotpoint WMEF722BCUK
Hotpoint WMEF742PUK
Hotpoint WMEUF722PUK
Hotpoint WMEUF743GUK
Hotpoint WMEUF743PUK
Hotpoint WMFG741PUK
Hotpoint WMFG741PUK.M
Hotpoint WMFUG742PUK.M
Hotpoint WMFUG742GUK
Hotpoint WMFUG742PUK
Hotpoint WMFUG842PUK.M
Hotpoint WMJLF842PUK
Hotpoint WMJLL742PUK
Hotpoint WMSAQG621PUK
Hotpoint WMXTF742GUK
Hotpoint WMXTF742KUK
Hotpoint WMXTF742PUK
Hotpoint WMXTF742PUK.M
Hotpoint WMXTF842PUK.M
Hotpoint WMYL7151PSUK
Indesit XWA81252XKUK
Indesit XWA81252XWUK
Indesit XWD71452XKUK

In the event that any consumer contacts you seeking alternative remedies or resolution options, please escalate that consumer enquiry directly to Whirlpool via the routes above.

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